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The Story Of Who I Am 

Have you ever wondered why you are the person you are today?  

Have you ever desired to walk in greater truth about yourself? 

If so, then come and join us at this course!  We will explore some of the foundations that have been sown into our heart during childhood and those we continue to live out of today.  The theme of portraits is used to present each topic.  Soft toys will also be used to access the deep and often young places of the heart.  Each session offers opportunities for Jesus to be invited in, for Him to come and meet with us in different situations in our life, with His words of truth, hope and healing for our heart.

This retreat includes worship, teaching, prayer ministry and creative responses.


This course is for both men and women!


Session 1 - Guard Your Heart

Session 2 - Self Portrait

Session 3 - Mummy's Portrait

Session 4 - Daddy's Portrait

Session 5 - Family Portrait

Session 6 - Family Sculpture

Session 7 - Jesus' Portrait

Session 8 - The Portrait Of My True Self

Session 9 - Soaking Under Daddy's Portrait Of Me

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