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 Downloads for Let's Start At The Very Beginning

This course explores the time from conception through to the birth of the most amazing miracle that is you!  It is also known as Wombtime Ministry.  Here are a number of lectures and video clips to give you an introduction to the topic.  For more information about the course please go to the 'Retreats' page.  This course is also available for purchase as an ebook through the shop.

Introduction To Wombtime Ministry

We made a little video clip to advertise our Wombtime Ministry.

Youtube Video Clip

Session 1: Cleansing The Womb

Focus: Was the womb a safe place for me?

Open File (MP3 28.1 MB, 30:46 mins)

Youtube Video Clip

Session 4: The Womb Room

Focus:  Visiting the Womb Room in the Heart Mansion

Youtube Video Clip

Session 5: The Second Trimester

Focus: The second trimester of development in the spiritual and natural realms.

Open File (MP3 27.4 MB, 29:59 mins)

Session 6: Life Scripts

Focus: What are the Life Scripts I live under?

Open File (MP3 24.1 MB, 26:24 mins)

Session 8: The Birth

Focus: The journey from the womb to birth.

Open File  (MP3 17.0 MB, 18:34 mins)

Mummy's Song

Vicky Nicolson loves to sing.  She recently sang in the spirit over us at the time of our birth.  Everyone was lying on the floor soaking as Vicky sang over us and ministered deeply into the young places of our heart.  She sang with Father's heart over His beloved children.  If you would like to soak under Vicky's ministry too, then find a quiet place, relax and allow the Father to minister His love to your heart.

Mummy's Song - I Love You  (MP3 - 3.84 MB, 4:12 mins)

Mummy's Song - You Are Mine   (MP3 - 4.46 MB, 4:52 mins)


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