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Learning To Stand 

Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ.

                        2 Corinthians  1:21                                    

As Christians we sometimes wonder why it is so difficult to stand now that we know Jesus.  We wonder why we struggle to remain standing in all circumstances.  Isn’t God for us?  Shouldn’t life be much easier for us now that we know Jesus?  All fair questions!

In this course we explore the relationship between the spiritual and natural realms and its impact upon both our life and our ability to stand.  We all begin our Christian life as baby Christians.  As we grow and mature in Christ, we slowly but surely learn how to stand more sturdily and for longer.  In the beginning we wobble a lot like toddlers learning to stand.  But just as toddlers get up and try again after falling over, we get up again and practice standing once more.  As our confidence in Jesus increases, so our ability and confidence to stand in the spiritual and natural realms increases too.  So let’s allow Jesus to come and tend the wounds sustained in the battle thus far. Be strengthened and refreshed, ready for the next round of standing as God’s representative here on earth.  The earth cries out for the sons and daughters of God to take up their rightful place in the Kingdom Of God.  The course includes times of worship, teaching and prayer ministry. 

This retreat includes worship, teaching, prayer ministry and creative responses. 

So get your army gear on, come along and learn how to stand and hold your ground!


This course is for both men and women!


For more information about the course please go to our 'Downloads' page. 


This course is available for purchase as an ebook Ministry Manual through our shop.


Session 1 - The War In Heaven

Session 2 - In The Garden

Session 3 - Jesus The Son

Session 4 - How Our Garbage Attracts The Rats

Session 5 - At The Name Of Jesus

Session 6 - The Armour Of God

Session 7 - The Blood Of The Lamb

Session 8 - Learning To Stand

Session 9 - Birthday Blessings


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