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Downloads for Learning To Stand

This course explores the relationship between the spiritual and natural realms and its impact both upon our life and our ability to stand.  Here are a number of lectures and video clips to start exploring this topic.  For more information about the course please go to the 'Retreats' page.  This course is also available for purchase as an ebook through the shop.

Session 1:  The War In Heaven

Focus:  What took place in the heavens before Man was created?

Open File   (MP3 - 15.6 MB, 17.07 mins)

Session 5:  At The Name Of Jesus   

Focus:  How does the name of Jesus help us to stand?

Open File  (MP3 20.4 MB, 22:16 mins)

Session 7:  The Blood Of The Lamb  

Focus:  How does the blood of the Lamb help us to stand?

Open File  (MP3 23.1 MB, 25:18 mins)

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